With Sparrow Ventures, we have now a new strong partner on our side. This gives us not only financial opportunities, but also access to an experienced team that will help us scale our business model.
Co-Founder bestsmile
With Sparrow Ventures we have found a new partner to support us on our growth path who shares the Swiss Roots and our vision to offer superior quality at accessible prices, which is at the core of the Migros Founding Principles.
Co-Founder & CEO VIU
With Sparrow Ventures we have found a strong partner with an extensive network to support us on our path of becoming the leading digital financial advisor in Switzerland and to make high-quality financial advice more accessible to everyone.
Founder & CEO Selma Finance
It’s fantastic that we were able to launch the pilot of heymigrolino in the Swiss market within less than 3 weeks! Counting on the strong support, also the exceptional capabilities in fulfilling customer expectations and the great team-spirit present at Sparrow Ventures, the realization of such an innovative project was possible.
Markus Laenzlinger
CEO migrolino
I am excited to revolutionize the dynamic and fast growing market for office food supply with Snäx.
Co-Founder & CEO snäx
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bestsmile is a Swiss dental start-up specializing in clear aligner therapy.
Finly logo
Finly was a Swiss operating factoring service.
Frozedose Logo
FROZEDOSE° was a venture project, delivering portioned, frozen, ready-to-mix smoothies via a subscription model straight to the doorstep.
Heymigrolino is an online supermarket with a 60-minute home delivery service.
Kindish Logo
Kindish was a subscription service, delivering healthy, frozen, ready-to-prepare meals for kids straight to the doorstep.
MIACAR is an online supermarket and last-mile delivery service that was merged with MyMigros in November 2020.
MyBuddyBox logo
MyBuddyBox was a venture, that delivered fresh, nutritious and healthy dog meals straight to the doorstep.
Olly was a Symptom-Checker app for everyone.
Petcare was a digital veterinary service for health-related concerns accessible at any time.
Quit4Good was an all-round solution to quit smoking.
Ready-4-Cooking offers with meal kits a practical replacement for the effort that is typically required for cooking.
Selma is a digital financial advisor.
snäx logo
Snäx is the smart fridge that offers employees a diverse and affordable range of meals right at their office.
VIU is a direct to consumer eyewear brand.
WePractice is a co-working community for psychotherapists linked with a digital platform that helps clients to find the right practitioner.
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