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bestsmile is a Swiss dental start-up specializing in clear aligner therapy.
Finly logo
Finly was a Swiss operating factoring service.
Frozedose Logo
FROZEDOSE° was a venture project, delivering portioned, frozen, ready-to-mix smoothies via a subscription model straight to the doorstep.
Kindish Logo
Kindish was a subscription service, delivering healthy, frozen, ready-to-prepare meals for kids straight to the doorstep.
MIACAR is Switzerland's new online supermarket and last-mile delivery service.
MyBuddyBox logo
MyBuddyBox, delivers fresh, nutritious and healthy dog meals straight to the doorstep.
Olly is a Symptom-Checker app for everyone.
Petcare was a digital veterinary service for health-related concerns accessible at any time.
Ready-4-Cooking offers with meal kits a practical replacement for the effort that is typically required for cooking.
snäx logo
Snäx is the smart fridge that offers employees a diverse and affordable range of meals right at their office.

With Sparrow Ventures, we have now a new strong partner on our side. This gives us not only financial opportunities, but also access to an experienced team that will help us scale our business model.
Co-Founder bestsmile
With our highly customer-centric approach we want to simplify online grocery shopping and provide our customers with more time for the beautiful things in life.
Co-Founder & CEO MIACAR
I am excited to revolutionize the dynamic and fast growing market for office food supply with Snäx.
Co-Founder & CEO snäx
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