Inside the Nest with Ramona from the Growth Marketing Team

May 28, 2020 - 3 mins

Growth what? Finding herself often confronted with bewildered faces when talking about her job, Ramona gives a glance into her role as Growth Marketer and the tasks and responsibilities that come along with it.

Growth Marketer? What does that actually mean?

Together with many other fancy buzzwords, the job of a Growth Marketer is commonly not really known outside of the startup environment. So, isn’t it just growth with new methods and “out-of-the-box”-thinking?

When doing an online search the role of a Growth Marketer is described as the following: “Growth Marketers are data-driven pros who work tirelessly to find innovative ways to drive user acquisition, keep customers engaged, retain them, and ultimately turn them into brand champions. In other words, Growth Marketers are master experimenters at every stage of the funnel.”

What exactly does a Growth Marketer do?

In order to stand out from the crowd and grow young business ideas, it has become very important to have a creative, iterative, and convincing marketing strategy in place. It needs to have a fundament for going viral, word of mouth spread but of course also organic growth. 

One can picture a Growth Marketer as a T-Shaped Marketer. Having the knowledge of traditional marketing models and tools, along with adding different specializations, such as technical analysis of user experiences, A/B testing, data-driven email marketing, SEO optimization or creative copying writing for ads.

Equipped with those skills a Growth Marketer can implement strategies that contribute towards achieving a solid and sustainable growth for the business.


Imagine, that instead of just adding copy and pastes to the top of a funnel, meaning the journey a customer needs to go through before they can reach the conversion, a Growth Marketer tries to go beyond these funnels. It’s not only about creating awareness and creating traffic, but it’s also about the complete journey of a customer. Value is generated when leading a customer successfully through the whole marketing funnel. The ultimate goal of a Growth Marketer is, therefore, to make people love the product or service and thus create “Brand Champions” for the brand.



For this, Growth Marketers are constantly striving to find new “hacks” with minimum effort and investment to get maximum attention from the customer. In case a so-called “growth hack” is not working well, it is identified quite fast and discarded without hesitation.

A growth hack typically has a limited life span

Like for many other practices in the business world, it is not possible to just use the same hack for every business, every Idea, or every brand over and over again. It needs to be tailored and a lot of dedication and willingness to try different things and experiment. This means to always find new, creative ways to implement something while at the same time analyzing every single step along the way but also having the courage to stop experiments that are not working out early enough.

In the end, it is about identifying opportunities and channels to grow the customer base in a sustainable and strategic way. This entails always try to optimize the marketing funnel and increase the number of customers who enter it. 

For me being a Growth Marketer means to be in the heart of what’s happening in a project or a company. For this, having a broad knowledge of what is going on around you is what it takes to get the best out of the product or service. Thus I feel that being a Growth Marketer is for those who are curious and not afraid to argue or question a decision. If you love to see fast results but you’re also able to stop activities at the right moment while tracking the right KPI’s. If you like to see the big picture but at the same time focus on your actions and sometimes fight to implement them too, I’m pretty sure you would love this job as much as I do. 

This blog post was written by Ramona who is working in our team as Growth Marketer. 

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